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An old saying goes: “we are all potential artists" and it’s up to us to reveal it.
By learning the basic techniques and by practicing, becoming familiar with the rules of the materials and by exercising our imagination.
We can all express our inner world, represent things and ideas in the way we see them or as we would like them to be!
This is creation, this is art ... and it is simple, human, therapeutic.
So we learn to speak and communicate with ourselves and the world around us, trying different approaches and perspectives that often inspire us into discovering new horizons.

In the workshop we provide pottery classes and seminars for adults, beginners or advanced.

The classes are morning or afternoon and the duration is depending on the selected program. There are 3 programs available:
2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours per week:
Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon from 5.30p.m. and
Thursday or Friday morning from 10.00p.m.
The classes run through out the year and provide a step by step introduction to the materials and techniques that help us create and express ourselves

Taught: Basic techniques of ceramics, sculpture, ceramics technology, molding, clay slips and glazes, throwing, decorating and firing techniques.

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